Monday, March 09, 2009

Letter of Recommendation

So I'm going for some scholarships that will help me ease my financial burden. Like everyone else that goes to school, more money is a good thing and I would LOVE to be able to save up enough dinero to buy a laptop, my most needed/wanted item. I have access to a computer at school, hence this post, but having my own WOULD make life and doing work soo much easier and hassle free. So if anyone out there in cyberlandia or cyberzlan would like to donate to the "Help El Random Hero get a laptop so he can be a better student, writer and blogger" fund feel free to email me and let me know that you want to help make my life easier by helping me get a laptop. In case your wondering if I deserve such and expensive luxury item, maybe this letter written by a good friend will help coarse you. Seriously though, gimmy me money. Me hungry. Me love you long time. Errr woman only. 

Names have been changed for obvious reasons:

I have known El Random Hero for more than a year.  As a fellow blogger on, we have the common interests of culture, art, politics, humor, honesty, community service and writing. I have been extremely impressed with El Random Hero’s positive and hard working nature, his likeability, the inspirational desire he possesses to learn and in spite of financial hardships, his dedication to study and his love of journalism. In my lifetime I have met a few young people who have displayed early-on the maturity to identify their life’s path and the self-determination to pursue their goals--- El Random Hero is one of these people. He has an accessible confidence and take-charge manner that must most assuredly serve as a great leadership model to his peers. I coordinate art exhibits and cultural events at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles and El Random Hero has eagerly volunteered to help even though I know he is managing many personal projects. Through his willingness to be of assistance, it is evident to me that he places a great value in public service. As a writer and blogger, he is articulate and a great self editor. The energy he has to write prolifically in an interesting, intelligent and meaningful way everyday is also quite impressive. Although I only know El Random Hero through a co-writers’ community, many of my observations about his professionalism, follow-through and enthusiasm most definitely translate into his scholarly pursuits and studies. I would highly recommend him for your scholarship, because I sincerely believe he is a person who will shine in the field of journalism and will serve as an ideal addition to your roster of scholars.