Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Corazon

No this isn't some emo blog about some girl dumping me of breaking my
heart, on the contrary. It's literally about my heart and how it
hasn't been feeling right the last couple of days. I can feel it
pumping irregularly like when you take a big bite outta something and
you can feel the food go down your food hole, well that's how my heart
feels. Like it's choking down something.

I really don't like this feeling. In fact is scaring the shit outta
me. Seriously. Electricity and poison bugs two other things that freak
me out FYI. I have no one to blame but myself and maybe my parents
just a tiny bit for exposing me to so much great food. Just this
weekend I've had a torta de pastor, burrito, posole, tamales, popusa,
pancakes with cajeta and arroz con leche. Damn I'm a fatty.

Buy this is nothing new of course. I've been eating like this my
entire life. Going to taco stands and trucks was a regular thing when
I was a kid and late at night too. I still have those habits and even
though I know I need to stop, I just can't. It's not that I don't have
the will power, it's just that my life is so dysfunctional that I'm
not in a position to be picky about what I eat. If there's food I'm
there, plain and simple

It's no suprise these habits are catching up either because doctor
visits were a luxury my parents couldn't provide. I had to get my
annaculations at free clinics when ever they were free and my mom,
along with others took advantage of it. I have been to a doctor,
dentist etc.... I'm more than ten years and that's a scary thought for

I can only wonder how many things are wrong with me physically that I
don't know about. Health care isn't affordable or available to me,
that I know of. I have a hard enough time just trying to survive let
alone watch out for myself. I follow the don't fix it till it's broken
way of life. Taking premature measures isn't like me. I'm gonna cut
back on the soul food, but I'm just scared of what can happen, but

P.S. If something does happen then it was good while it lasted. I give
all my stuff to my dog Harley. I know she'll male use of'em. If I
don't post anything new, well them, yeah.

~ con safos ~


Dave said...

I definitely can relate. I've eaten very rich food all my life, and said to myself that when I reach forty I'll start changing. Well, I turned forty last year, and will be forty-one in less than three weeks, and so far, haven't made the changes I said I would.

Here's a way to find health care centers for uninsured, low income people, just need to plug in your location or zipcode:

We give this out to people who need to get checked out.

Good Luck with everything.


Doña Junta said...

you need to take the product I work for it helps to clean you out and purify your body of all those toxins.

Somfolnalco said...

good food is hard to kick man.

and we latinos have too much of it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you carnal. I was diagnosed with Diabetes a year ago. I haven't changed my eating habbits at all except I drink 3 Diet Cokes a day now instead of 3 regular Cokes.

Unknown said...

yr such a loser stop eating that bad food!! for one thing... not eat a pizza poket then my carrots