Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm sitting here on the couch. Around me art world reknown artist like
Leo Límon, Eloy Torres and Brandy Healy, daughter of kick ass muralist
Wayne Healy. At one point I was star struck in meeting these artist
who have lived rich lives and created a plethera of art admired by

I sit here and think that even though I have a profound and deep love
for art, sometimes the routine becomes mundane and cliché. I do my
best to avoid becoming burned out on this because there's so much more
to be seen. I'm realizing that in my Chicano studies class. I love
that class.

The cookie cutter routine is dangerous because comfert and routine
lead to dullness and obscurity. We all gotta streach ourselves and
push what we are capable of. That's why I'm glad I live the way I do
sometimes. It keeps me on my toes and sharp. Damn I need to read more
books so I can contextualize what I see and be able to better describe

~ con safos ~