Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey, I'm gonna be in a documentry

That's right. As if my ego couldn't get any bigger as it, being filmed
for "an unfinished dream" today was the cherry on top. I was being
followed around by three beautiful ladies around school and we talked
about all kinds of things. Mostly me, me, me.

Haha but seriously, I mostly focused on what I do with my blog since
so many undocumented students are taking up arms online and blogging.
My personal musings have taken a life of their own and have opened
doors for me and my writing. I wouldn't be where I'm at not if it
wasn't for some of the attention I garner from writing.

I have a habit of talking to much so of course they loved what I had
to say, which was how superman is the ultimate immigrant, how I
identify with the x-men and other comic characters. I mentioned my
work at school and most importantly, the identity crisis' I have lived
through and the dynamics of it.

It was funny cause everyone was looking at me and hatin' but I just
said I was filming for the real world hahah
Althought I would love to be on that show and curse out my roomies in
Spanish. But none the less the fight continues and everyday is another
struggle. I've been running a gaunlet at school I've been laging it on
post. Stay tuned folks. Lots of things to look forward to.
~ con safos ~