Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If it wasn't for heavy metal, I would be a fucking punk

Yes, it's true. Since the faithful day when I was messing around with my dads radio and I discovered KROQ and later and discovered Heavy Metal, I have embraced this music. It really does define who I am to a certain extent only because it's music. Music is life. I'm learning to stop using other people's works to describe my own individuality because my life isn't defined by material things, tv shows or other random junk like that. Of course I love to watch anime and read comics, but as forms of entertainment. Nothing more.

I out grew that phase in my life and have thankfully reached a higher state of mind and understanding. Now more than ever I see how music and interest affected my life, line of thinking, personal attitude and over all way of looking at life. One thing you have to understand about me is that I was always getting picked on in school and I had to put up with that crap because I had no confidence back in those days. I wasn't about to get into a fight anytime soon, but at the same time I used words and jokes to defend myself against others.

I developed a smart ass attitude that to this day is still with me. My friends can attest to that because they're at the butt of my jokes a lot of the times. Growing up like this wasn't fun and messed with my head in certain ways that I'm getting over and getting rid of, along wit a bunch of other nonsense I picked up from society and mainstream media. At its heart, Heavy Metal is about empowerment. Learning to stand up for yourself, having self confidence to accomplish the task before you and kick its fucking ass. Plain and simple. Through out the years this passion has grown deeper and deeper as I am able to understand it and comprehend it at different levels.

Heavy Metal reflects a lot of my personal feelings about life and certain situations in which killing zombies is the only way to make it out alive. I have listened to songs and found myself reminiscing about some childhood experience as if I was there again. That's how powerful and deep this music goes for me. It's my anger, hate and frustrations manifested in sound. Like anything else that's relaxing, Metal relaxes me and helps me clear my train of thought. While I listen to a lot diverse music, Metal will always be my first passion. There's no real way to explain it. Either you get it or you don't. Metal Up your ass !!!