Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had a dream where I was passing and stopping by to say "hey" to some
friends from around the block. People who smoke and make the police
think twice about stopping and searching them. It was in the evening
and all of a sudden I see a car drive around the corner.

Someone pops out of the passanger window and everyone starts running
because the guy is getting to shoot at us with machine gun. Everyone
scatters but I happen to run in the wrong direction and get shot up
all along the side of my back.

I can hear the chunks of flesh being evisarated from me as I fall to
the ground all slow-mo like in front of someones door step. I look
inside and I see familiar faces and I look to them and ask for help.
They stand there in shock of what they're seeing and freeze.

I tap on the window with my bloody hand and continue to ask people for
help. No one comes. I then grab my phone and beging to record my last
words. I manage to say my name and a few thoughs of regret.

Suddenly I feel my mind fading away. It felt as if I was going to
sleep. My eyes getting heavier and my mind wondering off into
blackness. I struggle to stay away and try to control my breathing,
but to no avail. The eternal
Darkness calls out to me and I answer back. I suddenly felt like a
weight was lifted from my shoulders and I accepted the darkness.
Blissfully enjoying the eternal sleep.

I wake up in a cold sweat and realize that it's time for me to go to
work. That idea of sleeping forever suddenly because more inviting.

~ con safos ~