Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mexica New Year

Happy Mexica New Year. I'm writing this post through my phone so
you'll have to google it to find out more, sorry. Any who after
getting outta work today a friend ask me if I was at the protest in
Hollywood. It was agaisnt the war or something. I tend to stay away
from political marches.

A few minutes later I find out that Swlf Help Graphics is hosting
Mexica New Year and that there's Aztec dancers doing their thing over
there. So I make a call and and get the down low and decide to make my
way over there. I grab my board, pick up harley and we skate over there.

Let me tell you, I have never seen soo many dancers at one time all
dancing in harmony as drummers lead them. From early morning till
sundown, it was a marathon of celebrating spring and the Mexica New
Year. The clothes they wear are amazing and jaw dropping.

I saw everything from eagle claws, owls, parrots, jaguars and turtles
used as instruments and as decorations on the dancers. Some are just
breath taking and hard to describe. The beautiful head dresses filled
with feathers are a sight to behold. These dancers gave it there all
for extended periods of time taking breaks when they needed.

It got to the point where they could barely walk because they were
dancing for so long. Just watching them with Harley made me wanna get
up and dance, but alas I have no dancing skills. Still it was
something to see. Pics coming soon.

~ con safos ~