Saturday, May 09, 2009

All in a days work

~ Note: the following text is what I originally wrote to go along with this post when I first wrote it, but for some reason it didn't get included when I made the post. So I'm putting it in and arranging the order of the pictures in the order that I originally took them. Now back to your regular scheduled programing."

Man am I sleepy right now. Seriously, going to sleep @ 3 am and waking up @ 7 am isn't good for business & business is good. So a word of warning, all of these pictures are out of order here on the post cause this is a phone post, but this is a break down of my day just because I can.

Thursday I spent the day spring cleaning because I have more free time on my hands. I went to stats class and got ready for that night. I went to a local bar, Eastside Luv to hear East Los Angeles veterans put strangers in check because they're calling places that aren't East LA, East LA and we can't have that. That would be the picture of Linda Gamboa's reflection off a mirror doing a haiku.

After that amazing event I ended up going, on a whim, to another bar in Downtown LA because my companion had friends at this bar. We get there, drink, meet up and dance. Even though I can't dance for lack squat, I had a blast. The picture of the buildings are of Downtown scrapers taken while we were at the patio kicking it old school. We then spent a few hours sitting in a car talking waiting for someone else to show up.

So I get a awake up call at 7 am to go pick the newest issue of Brooklyn & Boyle and man is it fan freakin' tastic. I get back to the house and make my way to the LACMA for a class field trip
for my Chicano studies class. I spent most of the day looking at pre-columbian art and some modern Mexican art. That would be the picture of the stacks of papers and the picture of the guy selling ballons and cotton candy and the dog with wheels and superman fighting a famous aztec poet.

So I come back from the trip and I'm at the office holding down the fort until we start delivering more copies of the paper around East los. One of the first stops was Teocintli. A kick ass store and gallery space that was having their reception for mothers day. They had Aztec dancers do their thing at sun down. That would be another picture.

From there we stopped by some other local spots and ended up at the Los Angeles National Park for the Souther winds pow, wow. We said hi to some familiar faces and got the hell outta there because I felt so unwelcomed there. I was being all nice handing people copies of the paper and I got a "NO.". I was pfft screw you guys then, I'm outta here. That would be the picture of the portapottie.

So there you have it. From 3 am to 1:30 am the next day. I'm glad I can still do this while I'm young, bit having to get up @ 6 am for work isn't going to make things any better. Sigh. All in a days work right !?