Sunday, May 31, 2009

IYEC Workshops & Food

So after hearing some powerful and EMPOWERING speeches it was time to get to the needy, gritty. Workshops. There are eight in total giving information about the DREAM Act, helping parents help their kids, financial aid, networking, staring support groups, a lawyer answering questions about immigration and even media training. I ended up at a workshop for jr college students transfering to a university.

Personally, I didn't learn anything new in terms of what I'm doing, but it helped inform other students there. IDEAS members hosted the workshops and brought a great personal touch by sharing their experiences. So here's a quick run down.
• networking with class mates and friends
• knowing what resources are available to you at your school and take advantage of them.
• borrow and be creative on your books. Make copies. Do what you have to and save $$$$
• expect a splash of cold water to the face when you get into a uni. Not only in terms of culture shock for some of us, but the wY classes are, the work required of you and balancing life at the same time.
• ignore all the stereotypes of going to a jr. college because we all take different roads. A jc is sometimes the best way to save $$$$ and be prepared for the changes.
• communicate with advisors and staff at schools and seeing if you can qualify for services like EOPS and fee waivers that the school can waive if they choose to.

The next workshop I'm going to is media training. I don't think they'll show me anything new, but it's still worth checking out. I also found out that they'll be screening the "An Unfinished Dream," which I am in !!!! Ohh and the meet balls were delish. Stay tuned folks. A fellow ab 540 blogger just joined me. She's scaring the little girl in front of her.

~ con safos ~