Monday, May 04, 2009


a mi familia. The way we always laughed at everything we said. The
jokes we made, everything. It's been going on two years now that I
left them to do my own thing and at first I loved and embraced my new
found freedom and independece. I came, I saw and I conquered in what I
did. Now I look back and realize that it's because of them and for
them that I've made it to where I'm at.

I miss my mom, my sisters and my dad, just a little though not as much
as my mom and sisters. I talked to my sister the other day and she
tells me that things haven't changed from the last time I talked to
them. It stopped snowing was the biggest improvement over all, but
everything is the same.

I stop and think how things would be better if I was living with them
again, laughing and loving them like never before, but I'm not sure
that'll happen anytime soon. Things happen for a reason and I don't
know when I'll be able to move back in with them or even live close
enough to see them everyday. I know that when that day comes I'll be
that much more appreciative and understanding of them. It's all a
matter of time.

~ con safos ~