Friday, May 22, 2009

Meeting the vice president and Harverd endorses Dream Act

This has been quite a week for me and for Dream Act related news.

I was in the process of asking him "the question" when he stopped me mid-sentence. "The answer is YES," he stated. I responded by saying that I knew he was a supporter of the DREAM Act when he was a Senator and was well aware that Obama was a co-sponsor at one point, but that my question was more of a when and how."

Over in Boston, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust made it public that she supports the Dream Act. "I believe it is in our best interest to educate all students to their full potential - it vastly improves their lives and grows our communities and economy," she wrote in a letter to Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and Representative Michael E. Capuano, thanking them for their support for the legislation. "This bill will help move us closer to this goal."