Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's intersting to be sitting here, hearing the names of students
getting their degrees and thinking a out what is yet to come. To see
all the families and friends cheering on their loved ones because they
have accomplished something amazing. Getting a higher education is key
to the future, that is true, but as I listen to those students talk
about the tradtitions they lived up to and learned while at an
institution of higher learning, I wonder what they gave up.

In order to gain, something of equal value must be lost. All of the
graduates are of Latino decent Nd it's inspiring to see more people of
color get to such great heights, one day I'll be among them, but at
what cost. I see things as an outsider because that's what I am, even
within my own community. It's interesting to see the dynamics of
graduating. I could sure go for a pepsi right about now. All I want is
a pepsi.

~ con safos ~