Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Tomorrow is the shadow of yesterday"

First off, you gotta love the public library for not only having
valuable books with priceless information, but for having rastlin'
DVDs available for check out. Anyway things have been coming in Nd out
of retrospect as of late. Maybe it was brought on by me having gripa
and having fever dreams or something else, but none the less,
pondering I have been doing, yes. Well I wouldn't call it pondering,
more like deep, serious though about my life, how i treat those around
me, my actions and other things of that nature.

I wrote about it a few post ago and didn't go into details, nor do I
plan to. Sorry, these type of matters can't be put in the public eye
because you never know who's reading what you write. And because being
a drama queen and garnering attention is one of those things I need to
work on. Come to think of it, there's not real point in this post
either if I'm not going to give up juicy details about my ackward
social habbits.

This is striclty and "get the fuck outta my head and into words" post
about said things I've been analyzing and thinking about. Man do I
sound like a whiner sometimes. Initially I was going to write a bunch
of thank yous to people I need to thank, but I remembered than things
don't work that way.

The universe will provide for you if let it and stop worrying about
things. Everything will work out in the end. We don't really need the
things we think we need because if we did the universe would find a
way for us to get them Nd that's a lesson ibhave learned first hand.
All that's left is to give that same favor back to someone else and
continue the circle.

No I'm not drunk or high. I just found a way to say what I needed to
say without saying it. Do work son.
~ con safos ~