Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pincher

Honestly, I should be paying more attention in my stats class right
now, but we're reviewing from the book and guess who didn't bring
theirs to class today ? Sigh... Since leaving the school paper I have
WAY more free time on my hands that I didn't think I had

Leaving the paper couldn't have come at a better time now because I
realized that I spent too much time there. We all get so comfertable
that we don't wanna leave the comfert zone we have. Kinda like waking
up early on a cold morning. That bed is your womb and you don't wanna
leave its comfort. I'm already looking at my fall schedule and things
are looking up to say the least.

Another thing I'm working on is getting outta my current living
situation because I've been at my friends house WAY too long tambien.
Not sure where I'll end up next but I'm sure I'll find something so I
can at the very least have a room of my own with my own space. Nit
having my own space is harshinv on my zen and I've had enough of that.
Turns out that my living situation is what was causing me soo much
drama that I passed that on to others. The good thing is I've realized
that. Gotta go back to class.
~ con safos ~