Friday, May 22, 2009

Internet at the library

I spent a few hours at the library catching up online and updating
things. I left when the library was closing and I noticed from te
corner of my eye that the girl in the gray vest was writing a blog
post. I remember when I was doing to the same. I didn't have a phone
with Internet capabilities or a lap top, so I would go to the public
library and do what I could within the one hour time limit.

I've come a long way from those days, but seeing that girl doing here
thing took me back. I also noticed how many of the kids there were
doing their hw because they don't have computers at home. Just not
having a computer at home puts kids in school at such a disadvantage.
I hate that that idiot Arnold wants to cut billions from education and
ammenities that help those in need. So far health insurance, welfare
and cal grants are looking to be cut back and eventually "terminated."
Fucking pendejo.
~ con safos ~


Unknown said...

Why u being a stalker Erick

American Brat 540 said...

I'm no fan of the governator, but that idiot Arnold (and our state legislators) don't have much of a choice. Since the Props didn't come through, cuts are going to be made across the board. That's just the way it is.

Marissa said...

I remember when I used to line up to use the library computers. The 2 hour limit isn't enough. One day when I have enough money, I'd love to give laptops away to the most deserving high school and college students.

Anonymous said...

Well what else is he supposed to do? California has been living beyond it's means for years. It's been a long time coming. And I say good. California has to learn that it can't maintain it's liberal spending without thinking about the source of revenue. You are naive if you are blaming Arnold for what is all that is happening. I blame Californians that have continued to vote in fiscal irresponsible liberals. Idiotas.


El Random Hero said...

you since writing that post I started reading more and more about the deficit and trying to keep up with through the newspapers. I'm still not fully aware of what's going on and how it got there, but it's safe to say that most people, including me, go after the gov because he's the one delivering the message. So, don't shoot the messenger. I should be blaming all the people who brought this on and the politicians who had a hand in it. None the less, it's a fucked up situation.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand both point of views. I just wish that more of the cutbacks need to be derived from other unnecessary sources rather than the already failing education system. The California education system sickens me. Guackalas!

P.s. I know how rough it was to wait in long lines for the next available computer. Not fun!