Sunday, May 31, 2009

IYEC Workshop: $$$$$

When I was walking around school, i found this beheaded, inside out
squirl. Freaks. Anyway, this scholarship was again more helpful for
others than it was for me because I'm some plugged in to things. They
gave a quick history of AB 540 again and the differences in $$ for the
different colleges. Parents were in there and they got the most
information from all the workshops. They explained information about
the ITIN and how private schools sometimes give full rides to
students. The ITIN can also be used on some scholarships when you ask
them about it first.

They talked about husstling and getting sponcership from local
businesses and friends. They gave info for organizations that give
students scholarships and of course more networking. One presenter
explained how she made a resume and went business to business asking
people for contributions and sponcership. Another made stock of
herself and had people literally invest in her. Selling food was also
a great idea that was pushed.
~ con safos ~