Monday, February 09, 2009

Chicano Power

I dropped photo and added Chicano Studies 52, Modern Mexican Art and I LOVE THIS CLASS!!  Just from reading the course description I know that I am going to have an orgasm studying art. I tell ya I was on fire !!! The teacher, Sybil Venegas who is a great Chicana and educator, is teaching the class. When she talked about the history of murals in Mexico and how it relates now I raised my hand and let everyone have it. I'm not saying I'm a know it all, but when I hear talk about murals, art and shit, my spidey senses tingle and I'm on it like white on rice on a white paper plate in a snow storm. I gave everyone the down low on Self Help Graphics and it's say to say that

I impressed a few of the students there haha ;-) Of course there's nothing but hot chicks in that class and they're all Chicanas, a huge plus. Also right off the bat I ended up meeting with other cats in the know and kinda made a little group, course they're taking the class as honors students. I would have too but I'm done with honors. It's just more work and I don't have that luxury anymore. This is going to be a kick ass semester, I can tell already.