Friday, February 06, 2009

Spring 2009

Cost the same as every other semester. Although I ended up adding
another 2($40 extra) unit class to be full time so I can get I $15 bus
pass that's good for 6 months. A $200 savings. But the great thing is
I'm taking classes that are book light. I borrowed one and if I stay
in photo that won't need much. But I'm gonna trade the photo class for
a bad ass Chicano studies class. Hmm decisions.
~ con safos ~


Unknown said...

man u had to pay that??? are that would have been the cost? man Im glad I dont pay mine with all the units I have this semester

El Random Hero said...

with all the units you take, you' probably have to pay more than $300 bucks a semester. Those hundreds will turn into thousands when I'm at what ever university I transfer to later on.