Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Day

I'm having a hard time getting into the flow of things in school. I
kid you not, I'm super lazy and it's amazing I get any work done
sometimes. Procrastination and deadlines are the only things that
force me into doing things last minute and half assed.

I'm happy to be back on school, but I got use to being lazy. Today a
class of "at risk youth" visited the news room here at ELAC. Their
teacher was the daughter of Dolores Huerta and I just basically gave
them a run down of what me and everyone in the news paper does. Course
I talked about the day to day stuff, buy the students really didn't
seem to care.

These are students from continuation schools who do nothing but fuck
around in school and cause nothing but trouble. One kid was cholo'ed
out and had the scars to prove it. Some of the girls didn't even care
what was going on and talked bs because that's all they know. But when
I told them how I went to some of the worst schools in L.A. and got my
act together after soo long, they seemed kinda impressed.

The teacher even said that what I've gone through is something they
can relate to on a personal level. So if anything I hope that shows
them that even though you may have been delt a shitty hand, you can
still turn things around for the better. But damn were those kids
cabrones just like when I was in school. Same problems different kids.

Then later on I felt like shit because I just do, I didn't even wanna
be at the house because I'm over being there. I decided to make my way
to a art reception for the paper I write for and hang out there for a
while. I was gonna go for a long walk and think things out, but
instead I ended up meeting up with someone else and got some schooling
on being a Chicano and some of the problems we face as a raza.

Needless to say the night took a turn for the better. Once I for back
to the house I talked to the most wonderful girl I know for two hours
about my philosophy on life, my love life, future plans and over all
randomness. She's a real sweet heart for just listening to what I had
to say and even though I wanna be like, "hey. quiero estar contigo por
que pensamos higual y tu me entiendes como nadien mas." but we're both
too busy with school and life to hang out and build on that. But just
talking to her made me feel better.

~ con safos ~