Sunday, February 22, 2009

The current job I have

Feels like it's draining my soul everytime I go there. I'm not being
dramatic or anything, that's how it really feels. The idea of being at
a job I'm to smart for drains me. While I won't say where I work, it
involves people and their food.

I hate the fact that I have to bring myself down to that level, but at
the sametime my experiences here have helped me improve dramatically.
To be able to deal with people and their dramatic bullshit is an
incredible asset that I have picked up, relunctently. This job allows
me to go to school and live on my own and I'm greatful, bit the
frustration is still there.

On my first day I called and said I was gonna be late because I went
Guitar Center to see Dimebag get inducted into their rock of fame. Zak
Wylde performed live and it was worth it. Then after going through the
orientation of the place, I got a taste of what I was in for on my
first real day on the job.

I literaly had to clean human crap from the restroom. It was smeared
on the walls and it was the most disgusting thing ever. That sums it
all up really. Being humiliated like that puts alot of things in
perspective and I'm thankful for that. I would have prefered to learn
that lesson another way, but it's a lesson I'm glad I learned. That's
the only way I've been able to put with it, because of what I have
learned about myself, others and what I am fighting for.

~ con safos ~


Anonymous said...

I had to clean dishes as a college student. It's hard but it gives you a good perspective. It makes you tougher, in my opinion. It puts things in perspective.

Somfolnalco said...

i worked at mcdonalds and burger king through out college and i totally agree about it putting things in perspective.

It allows you to not take the little things for granted

fatpinkchicken said...

I had a job at an adult daycare the summer just before I started college where I had to feed people lunch and occasionally change a diaper of someone two or three times my age.

I cried like... almost every day when I got home because it was just so incredibly depressing. So yeah, you can't take the little things for granted.

Refried Dreamer said...

An INS officer once told my hubby, "You messed up. Why couldn´t you just hide and work at McDonalds like the rest of them. You shouldda just laid low. You see that guy, I know he´s illegal, but í´m not gonna stop him. Why... because he´s not going around driving a lexus like you were. He is meant to lay low."
I hope you can make a difference.

El Random Hero said...

servitude does put things in it's place. But I'll be here writing and chronicling life as it happens.

El Random Hero said...
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El Random Hero said...

servitude does put things in it's place. But I'll be here writing and chronicling life as it happens.

Crazy Mexican said...

I clean bathrooms for an old white man who owned a linen plant. One day while I was cleaning up some crap I broke out laughing. Just three years earlier I had a scholarship at a Big Ten school and here I was, due to poor choices in life, cleaning dried up crap.