Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Statistics 227

Today was statistics. I'm not one for equations, but stats has nothing to do with that so I was thrown for a loop. I'm not worried about though, it's all a matter of putting in the effort and the work. As always the class was packed and a bunch of students added. Nothing special or unusual here. 

As you can see I got bored really fast and decided to keep myself busy while the teacher explain the class, what she expects us to do blah, blah,blah... The only fun part of the class was when she asked everyone to get into groups and introduce each other. Course I did the easiest thing, turned around, startled the girl behind me and introduced myself. Then the girl behind her also introduce herself and we had a little circle going. We had to come up with five things we had in common like 1. being in the same class together 2. being liars, but honest 3. having Mexican parents 4. attended ghetto schools and 5. we're in our early 20's. Of course I made it a point to not let it get stale and awkward so I asked them about themselves, told them about me and cracked jokes every now and then. Course it helped that they were cute, but that's as far as it'll go. I'm too hot to handle haha. We traded info in the case one of us misses class. Thankfully my bff let me borrow her book and calculator for the class other wise I wouldn't have taken it. Phew.