Tuesday, February 10, 2009

El Santo

25 years have gone by since one, if not thee greatest lucha libre legend to ever step into the ring has passed away.(Feb 5 1984)  El Santo is still one of my favorite wrestlers because of everything he stood for. Because my father was a luchador in his time in Mexico, I have a greater and more powerful understanding of what lucha libre (wrestling) means to people in Mexico and all over the world. El Santo was the working mans hero. He was a symbol of hope and strength during harsh times. It went beyond entertainment, he became an icon to everyone. His son still carries on the tradition and he himself hopes to pass it on to his son one day. A lot of people knock on lucha libre and wrestling in general because a lot of it is fake and it's all for a good show, but the hard work and sacrifices luchadors put themselves through is not. Lucha Libre is one of the greatest sports ever and I can safely say it's in my blood. My love for it will never die.