Friday, February 06, 2009

"Will someone please EXPLAIN it to me"

"The comedian from the Watchmen"

A friend of mine commented on my situation and bring undocumented and
expressed how much she hates that the country needs and abuses
immigrants, yet it won't help them out at the sametime. I told her
that I made peace with that kind of stuff A LONG TIME AGO and that
living the way I do enables you to have a deeper and more profound
understanding of how the world works and how things are and why
they're like that.

I wouldn't know half the things I know and appreciate life the way I
do if it wasn't for my life and it's circumstances. I'm thankful for
knowing what I do and knowing that I love a much richer life than
normal people. I'm not a normal person by any means. I love the way I
am and I love how I can see things defferently than others. I'm
greatful and thankful for that and soo much more.
~ con safos ~