Monday, February 02, 2009

Staring of the week right

So in case you didn't notice, I just changed the name of my blog title just a few seconds ago actually. Why ? Well why not. When I named it "American Wet Back" way back in 06, i wasn't in the same place I am now and I'm thankful for that everyday. I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I use to be. I also switched up the tag line a little too. Change is always a good thing and in this case, it reflects what this blog has turned into over time. Really, the only reason I even blogged was because I needed somewhere to see what I'm thinking and having a journal is not the same sometimes. You gotta keep up with the times cause the times they are a changin'. 

Anywho, my ankle is doing better, swelling is way down, thanks for well wishes. School is a week away and I cannot wait to have my office space again.

I have about a good year left before I can transfer to either Long Beach or Northridge. I'll figure out the money problem soon, but for now I'm trying to decide on which school to go to. I'm really leaning toward CSUN because of their bad ass chicano studies department. Plus it helps that I know some of those teeachers already. I get around and I see them at all the same events I go to. A Chicano Journalist, I like the sound of that. (Future post) I'm stoked about taking photography, not soo much about statistics and I'm already predicting drama at the school news paper because you should never date a co-worker. Trust me it can only end badly. Jackie if your reading this, you know that I'm not being dramatic or anything. It's all true.

But I want to start of the week of productive, so here are few links of high interest that caught my attention and they're worth noting and reading if you get around to it.

It's a good piece about some of the drastic measures some of us are willing to take and endure so we can fight for what little rights the Gov. recognizes and chooses to give us. My only problem is that they didn't give links to any of the blogs she writes for. 

~ her personal blog

I can't explain how hard this story hit me this morning as I was reading it. All of the frustration that rises when I was reading it can overwhelm me if I'm not careful. But I focus on her strength, her will and determination to continue on in a world not meant for "us." Just reading the piece makes me want to meet this young lady and tell her that there is help out there for her and that's everything will work out. I.D.E.A.S made sure of that.  

Some quotes that got to me, 

  "The first in her family to attend college, De La Cruz believes that a 3.0 is her way out of a      crowded apartment and into a life with new opportunities."

De La Cruz faces fairy tale odds. She's an illegal immigrant, so she isn't eligible for most forms of state and federal financial aid.

"I began to see my teachers as role models, something my mother could not become," she wrote.

"Her mother also declined to help pay for her education but offered to buy her a prom dress. She wanted her to work full time."

"I'm feeling all poor," De La Cruz said after passing a BMW dealership.

"A blond sorority sister glanced at De La Cruz and yanked back the flier."

"I guess I'm going to have to put my diploma up on the wall and that'll be all," she said.

All of those miles commuting, the cold silences from her mother, the long hours she'd worked, only to fall short.

"This C stuff isn't working," she muttered.

And last but not least over at "documenting me," mental health is brought up and discussed. I for one can totally realate to that post because God only knows how fucked up I am in the head as well. This immigration thing expands into all aspects of life and affects some of us more than others. 

I'm pretty sure I'm fucked up for life. I mean, even if DREAM passes and I eventually become a citizen, the emotions, frustrations, fears and nightmares won't just clear my mind. They'll linger. ~

~ The weight that we carry is of monumental proportions. We work, often to support not only ourselves but also our families. We study so we can better ourselves. We try to hide this anxiety, because we can't tell others about what we're going through, it's our burden.~