Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pen pals are awesome

~ Art by Luke Chueh ~

Sometimes all it takes is a day to turn things around, for better or
worse. Just as fast as I felt like crap, I felt better the next day.
Weird how that works sometimes. One thing that helped was getting mail
from a pen pal. The act of taking time and writing a letter means more
to me in this day and age in which everyone is connected.

At the same time we're so connected that writing emails or texting
rather than calling or going to see someone become really impersonal.
The same goes for myspace or facebook. But yeah, sometimes the simple
act of getting a letter goes a long way. I'm not gonna say what she
wrote in the letter, metiches. But she liked the stickers I sent her ;-)

If anyone else wants to be a pen pal, as in we write each other
letters, shoot me over and email and we can work it out. You'd be
surprised how the simple act of writing a letter to someone and
venting can help. Plus the excitement of getting mail other than bills
makes things interesting. Please, serious inquiries only and if your
trying to get my personal info to call the migra on me, try it
fuckers. Let's see how far you get before I get you deported.

~ con safos ~