Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do work son

That's what I do best, work. Someone has to do it right ? I'm a
veteran and my skills and knowledge will come in handy, but it's all a
group effort. It's only possible with everyone working together as one
and getting work done. My X is there and things are well, ackwerd to
say the least. But I'm not there to see her. I'm there to do work.
Being a reporter for my school newspaper isn't easy. But it's all good
because this is a great semester. Because I do work.

~ con safos ~


El Random Hero said...

What are you guys talkin' bout ? See I can comment.

Refried Dreamer said...

that's because u took off the word verify. I've been trying to post all day!!!

Gina Belmonte said...

nice, is that your article? I wrote about the ruling on ab 540 and the ca dream act being rejected by the gov for our school paper in the fall and they wouldn't publish it. bullshit.

where do you attend?

Unknown said...

YR such a lier u don't work!!! we have to yell at u to get it done ...LOL Im still the champ... even when im not there... I liked my photo of the empty class room! so much easier taking photos!!!

MakeOne, The Love Man said...

dude - it did not work! - I was so annoyed trying to post.....

anyhow - what I want to say was that as long as you go to work do what you have to do instead of going to work to see who you want to see you will remain focused.

stay focused brother.

everyone in life are just "run-ins"