Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No rest for the wicked, but there's always time to blog

This is what my school newspaper looks like before I work magic. It's a lot of fun doing this because it's like putting together a puzzle, but that's after I edit stories and fix'em up. HOWEVER, this is my life up until June because this is what I do, it's my job, my passion and my guilty pleasure all in one. If the school newspaper was a woman I would marry her, not really though. More than anything I'm behind on life. I have like this long list of things I need to do, like commenting and showing support to other peoples blogs. I make a note to really read what they're writing about and chime in with my two cents if I have any. I'm not one for just casually reading what someone wrote and be like whatever. Nuh uh, that's not how I see things. 
I READ EVERYTHING so when someone is down in the dumps, I feel guilty because I feel that maybe I can say something encouraging and help them see things for the better, ,god knows I need that sometimes. 

I mean, people that blog about life trials and tribulations invest some emotion and valuable time in writing whether just to vent or for another reason. For me it's a little bit of everything. I'm a writer straight out. I think too much about things and I think about what I'm going to write about or blog while I'm doing other things. Gets annoying sometimes really. Can't seem to have a moments peace in my crazy ass head. Case in point this blog post. See how fast I just trailed off and basically started rambling. I'm like that. A million miles a second AND I'm brain fried at the moment too. I fell asleep there for a second. Yeah, writing, it's life. 
This is the end result of a hard days work. I get to school around 9 a.m. have some cafe and pan and get to work. Lunch then math class from 4 to 6. Chill for a second and get back on the horse. My ass hurts right now from sitting down so much it's not even funny sometimes. It's all worth it though because tomorrow I'll see the finished product and rejoice in the fact that people are going to read the paper, form an opinion and be engaged in the circle of life, so to speak. That why I blog through my phone a lot. You'll notice the unaligned text and my email massage ~ con safos ~ Which means With Respect. It's a Chicano word I picked up at a poetry reading. The other thing is that now I have soo many friends and bloggers reading my brain farts that I no longer have that insecurity of "I wonder if people read my shit." I was blogging about raising awareness about the Dream Act, things undocumented residents deal with and spreading a positive message, but at the same time I realize that my own personal life experiences alone can also put immigration reform in a positive light.  

This post for example, here I am writing about how much work I do at school. It's just the way things are for now. Nothing last for ever and things will get better, I know this. I think that some people are meant to suffer not because of crimes in past lives, but because they're the one who are gonna change the world and people around them for the better. I've recently made the decision that becoming a teacher is something I want to do. Why ? Because I'm selfish and I want to feel like I redeemed myself to a world that I've taken so much from. That and cause there is another generation of kids growing up beaner like I did and if no one is there to show them there is hope and that you can be something, they'll just get swallowed up by the world and ruin their lives some how. i see it already in friends family. I don't say anything of course, but I think it. But yeah, my ramblings are just my way of keeping the demons at bay. When a person like me is left alone to think, it's not a good thing. 

Course having a girl to talk to and keep my mind distracter on better and happier things wouldn't hurt either. That date I was sold for is tomorrow. I'll post up pictures for all you metiches out there. Other than I'm probably too busy for the hanky panky. But there is this ONE girl I gave my number to. She likes paletas and I like cookies. We'll see what happens. You never know what life may bring. That's why I don't take it TOO serious all the time. There's a time and place for everything and I've learned to deal with life with humor. I twist my ankle and I laugh. No use in getting mad or upset. Shit happens. Just laugh it off.